Whether you’re an event planner for a small non-profit organization or a larger corporation planning multiple events, KLEERTECH Meeting Software offers registration services to match your needs, ranging from pre-printed badges to customized online pre-registration and fully staffed onsite registration and check-in.

Professionalism with a budget: There’s no reason to slap on a handwritten name badge when you can have a fully customized printed name badge solution for as little as $1.00 per badge

Quick, fast, efficient check-in: Whether your event has 500 or 50,000, our systems can get your attendees checked in in less than a minute and a half

Robust lead retrieval and attendee management: Working in tandem with any of our event services – online, onsite, or SaaS – our lead retrieval service allows you to capture, qualify and follow up on leads or surveys directly from smart phones or tablets, securely accessing data anytime and anywhere in real time

Pre-printed badges
Custom solutions