Green Guide

Memories from your trade show should last forever. Name badge holders shouldn’t.

What do you call a name badge holder that can last through a show, but biodegrades in 180 days? Some might call it a miracle. We call it part of our Bio-D® line of products.

Featured within this product line is the Bio-D® name badge holder made from anaerobic biodegradable PVC film. There’s also our Bio-D® lanyard constructed with narrow textiles made from compostable cellulose acetate fibers. The lanyard link attachment and clip are both manufactured using injection molded anaerobic degradable POM®. No metal is used in any of these attachments. In addition, all Bio-D® parts meet specific standards of biodegradation by independent third-party ASTM certified laboratories.

Sure, other companies may claim to offer a line of “green” badges. But what you could end up with are ineffective and unsustainable products using metal or non-biodegradeable materials – also known as “greenwashing.”

How did we do it? Developing a truly green product required a lot of man (and woman) hours to get it just right. There were years of scientific research and independent testing, as well as trial and error to ensure our Bio-D® badge holders, lanyards, links and clips are either 100% compostable within one year or 100% anaerobically biodegradable within 5 years.

As with any new product, there were times we had to “wear test” these products. Holders, attachments and lanyards must last the length of your event without compromise.

Believe us, these products have been developed with the best interests of event organizers in mind.

We think it was time well spent for the environment and your next event.

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